Little bit about me


    In 2007 I have taken part in the first optimization project carried out in a company I work for. The project was led by external company Lausanne Consulting (LC)

    For the first time in my life I have had a chance to see how the things can be changed and how difficult it is to teach people something new. At the same time I have found out how awesome it is to experience the first positive results. Though a team of LC was completely new to me thanks to the consulting company and this project I acquired lots of knowledge. This was my first and really unique experience….. During the project, I gained a few "beautiful" nicks. One of them - "the secret agent" - I will probably never forget  :-) It was because some people took me as a saboteur who wants to sink the company, respectively to damage it in some way……My effort was however exactly opposite, to assist the company to move up one level higher.


Since the launch of above mentioned project I have participated in similar assignments within the company in Germany and the USA. It was very interesting for me to distinguish the differences how the employees embrace the company changes in Slovakia, Germany or in the USA.

In 2009 I have attended the first LEAN training called "Basic training on lean manufacturing". I have learned a lot about the history, tools, principles, methods, and various present-day alternatives to classical notion of LEAN Manufacturing.
I have reached a position of a project manager assigned to independently carry out projects aimed to redesign work stations according to the principles of lean manufacturing. I have given a number of trainings to workers from production, maintenance, logistic, and quality departments as well as to their superior senior managers.

    Today I work as a manager. I am responsible for managing production operations of one production segment of the plant. On this position me and the group of workers I lead, we have an opportunity to work intensively on transformation of part of the production processes according to the principles of "Lean Manufacturing".


    This web site I have established based on my own belief that sharing information can move forward me as well as you, the visitors of this web site.

    If you have a feeling that I could be of any help with some problems in the field of LEAN management, don´t hesitate to contact me and ask for advice.


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