The basic principles of " Lean " production.


According to my opinion the basic principles of lean production are:


1, Just In Time – produce and supply only what the customer really wants and when the customer really needs!

2, Orientation to a process – analyse all production processes and related activities that are paid by the customer and also those ones that are necessary for production of the product!

3, Zero defect – produce and supply products of 100% quality!

4, Standardization and flexibility - standardly supply any number of different variants of the product and flexibly respond to the customer needs!

5, Employee participation and orientation to a team – during all activities and processes within the company must be paid attention to the employee!

6, Continuous improvement - there is nothing you cannot do better!


These basic principles are not sorted according to their meaning. Any of these principles can function independently, they all are interconnected and they complement one another perfectly!