Interim management

It is not only about the capacity and staff resources. Is it also about view from outside and experience. 

I offer experience in these areas :

  1. Production
  2. LEAN principles implementation
  3. Project management
  4. Quality
  5. Quality standards implementation
  6. Maintenance optimalization
  7. Implementation or revision of KPI
  8. Plant management
  9. Department management 
  10. Crisis management  
  11. also specific requirements

What are the advantages of interim management? 

  • high qualification
  • the speed of ensuring a suitable replacement
  • an unbiased view from outside
  • the manager has precisely set his goals on the basis of which he is entitled to remuneration
  • no worries compared to an indefinite worker in case of dissatisfaction with the results
  • the role and authority are assured given that there are no links to employees, management
  • we prefer to operate within the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic and, if necessary, throughout the world

How collaboration can work? 

  1. Informal meeting and communication offer on my part and demand from your side
  2. Getting to know your internal environment and the challenge itself
  3. Definition of expected results
  4. Price offer, draft contract and the draft contract of confidentiality
  5. Collaboration
  6. The completion and result celebration!

More details?