Management consulting

I offer my own experiece in the field of:

  1. Company management
  2. Production management
  3. Operation management (production, planning, quality, maintenance, logistic)
  4. Company restructuring
  5. Setting up an effective organizational structure
  6. Talent management
  7. Team development
  8. Improving business performance
  9. Setting meaning-full of goals and methods to monitor them
  10. Reduction of operating costs and find ways to use resources efficiently (scrap, energy, people)
  11. Knowledge of international environment
  12. Change management support
  13. Preparation and setup of processes for certification
  14. Management and support of project management

Management consulting offers to companies and managers in various situations. A view of the functioning of the company and processes from a different perspective. As a consultant, I offer an objective view through analysis and I can develop and design various solutions.

What are the advantages of consulting?

  • payment for services only in case of real result
  • previous practical experience with management
  • a new perspective on reality
  • starting changes
  • opening problems and solving problems
  • creates space for new opportunities for cooperation
  • development of your teams and company

How will cooperation look like?

  1. Informal meeting and offer from my side and demand from your side
  2. Getting to know your internal environment and the challenge itself
  3. Definition of expected results cooperation
  4. Price offer, draft contract and draft confidentiality agreement
  5. Cooperation / work together
  6. Closing and celebrating the result

In case of additional questions do not hesitate to contact me: + 421 903 325 685, or