Our methods and principles


If we respect people, it will usually return to us in the form of higher productivity, quality, cost, but also greater satisfaction of our employees.

LEAN audit

Self-Assessment is a great added value for every single company. The rating is experience as well as knowledge about the state of your company within the degree of implementation of lean manufacturing tools.

Just In Time

One of the first and most important principles of lean manufacturing. The basic rule is "Produce only what the customer requires".


This method serves to standardize the individual process steps, simplify them, ensure the repeatability of the process, eliminate the occurrence of errors, ensure continuous improvement and adherence to work habits.


During changes and modifications of workplaces, it is necessary to make sure that workplaces are designed to be easy to operate, so that work is fast, comfortable and efficient.


TPM is a series of methods to ensure that all machines in the production process are available for the duration necessary to complete the planned tasks and to ensure that production is never interrupted.

Six sigma

Continuous improvement of the organization through process analysis and standardization of measurement methods

Hoshin Kanri

The possibility of using the Japanese model to manage the company according to vision and goals.

What do we want? / How? / When? / Who?

Process orientation

Focus on the whole process in the company. Analysis from the entrance gate to the delivery of final products to the customer. 

Zero Defect

"Defect = 0 Is absolutely possible!"(Shingeo Shingo) 

Ensuring production and processes so that typical mistakes cannot be made.


It is important to provide space for the creation of ideas and their implementation. Every idea, thought counts. 

Enviromental Protection

Changes process can also be used to implement steps to protect nature. 

(3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle)

Time Analysis

Work standardization, snapshot observation, activity mapping and optimization design.

Process and Layout visualization

Visualization of processes, work operations, individual responsibilities. Maps and drawings in VISIO or AutoCad.