Trainings / Workshops

Trainings options :

  1. LEGO game - business simulation to optimize your processes (productivity, quality, layout, financial indicators)
  2. training for selected methods of lean manufacturing (TPM, VSM, 5S, Standardized work)
  3. methods for quality improvement (Zero Defect, Ishikawa, 5x why, A3, LPA audit)
  4. practical trainings associated with direct implementation at your workplaces

Every training session is original. Sharing experience and linking the theoretical basis with practical exercises. I train and train with the knowledge that I know I don't know everything.

How will cooperation look like?

  1. Informal meeting and offer from my side and demand from your side
  2. Getting to know your internal environment and the need for education itself
  3. Definition of expected results cooperation
  4. Price offer, draft contract and draft confidentiality agreement
  5. Cooperation / work together
  6. Closing and celebrating the result

In case of additional questions do not hesitate to contact me: + 421 903 325 685, or